A Need for Change

I feel so worn-out and weak I feel I must change something – either the diet or the exercise regime, and I really don’t want to limit my exercise having just begun to enjoy it.

I’ve been on some modified Atkins, or rather NSNG (no sugar, no grains) since January 30, but the weight loss has almost ground to a halt – I’ve lost just five pounds since May, even though I’ve upped the exercise immensely. The reasons, surely, must be at least in part psychological. Perhaps I feel during the summer that life has become more boring, I meet fewer people, I do less of what I really like. I see I’ve also increased the fruit intake, and that’s what prevents the weight loss. I feel like I’m lethargic most of the time, I don’t have as much energy as I used to have in spring, I feel tired when I go to bed and tired when I get up.

I see a lot of space for improvement in my diet, and one thing I have decided to introduce back in to my diet (VERY tentatively and warily) is oatmeal. I’m mortified that I might just fall off the bandwagon altogether, since I’ve worked so hard to get over cravings and sugar highs and lows. But it seems that it might be the right choice – to reduce the fats and to add some starches (just the oats for a while). Let’s see how it goes.

I’ve felt like a bit of a failure for some time now (basically throughout the summer), since the weight loss has slowed down and the energy levels are so low, but in fact, just writing this post helps. I’m taking stock for the first time since June, and I see that I have still lost some weight, albeit 5 pounds seem so little. I have gained some muscle mass and I have definitely increased stamina. So it’s not all bad, I’m not a failure, and there’s no reason for me to panic just because I’m about to add some rolled oats to my diet. I won’t let it get out of control and I won’t be stuffing myself with doughnuts and chocolate cake. It’s just oats.  There’s nothing to be scared of. They won’t kill your efforts, and if they do, you can always go back, you poor control freak.

(picture credit: http://www.healthybalancefitness.com.au/2014/10/grains-are-not-the-enemy/)

I need to look at what I eat to find the real culprit for the slow weight loss. Or, better even, I need to journal the food for a week and see what’s what. I need to monitor the energy levels so that I can find just the right balance of exercise and healthy nutrition. Can I trust myself to do that? For that is really what it boils down to, my friends.

Background of rolled oats, a grain cereal in which the seeds have been milled and rolled for use as a cooking ingredient and breakfast cerealyou


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