Slowest of the Slow

I met this guy this morning during my five-mile run. It was so nice to see him – out for a run in his own world, and for a moment our lives crossed, I paused, took a picture and ran along. I suppose so did he, even though it was hard to tell, but he sure looked busy.

I’m a slow runner at this point and weight, but I know there are people who have an even harder time moving, but when they do, they are on their way to get more active, strong and healthy. There’s a different starting level for everyone. There is no need for everyone to be on the same page, as long as we’re willing to read the book of life at all!

I don’t think I’ve ever devoted that much thought to a snail, which is usually more of a garden pest than a source of inspiration for me, but this counts as a running adventure in my book.

snail marathon