Momentum, Lost

I’ve lost the momentum. In every part of my life.

I’m still staying away from sugar and starches, but the weight I’ve lost (25 pounds since January 30) has not changed for months, even though I still have at least 60 pounds to lose.

I couldn’t run for over three weeks in July due to the heat wave in Europe, and now that it’s over I should have gone back to running weeks ago.  But I haven’t.

I did not start going to the “local” gym because I figured I should start on August 1, to pay for a complete month. But August 1 came and went, and now it’s August 19, and I’m kind of low on money.

I should be preparing for the coming school year (school starts on September 1 here), and there’s quite a lot to do, but I just can’t get myself to do it. I do miss the students, though. I’m really looking forward to my first September as a school counselor.

I should be working (translating) so much more. I’ll be overwhelmed with studies, work at school and the changes that come for every mother whose kids have to go back to school. And there will be dental bills for my husband. So I should devote all my energy to earning money.

But for some reason I can’t.

It’s not being stuck in a rut. I long for a rut. For a routine. For a plan.

What to do? Oh, what can I do?

Heck, there’s just one thing to do. Take out the planner, revise the goals list, divide all the tasks in chunks, stop wasting time and get down to it. Right now. Without delving into the murky waters of procrastination advice that is so abundant in the world wide web. Without looking for just the right picture for this post – witty and not too trite.

Just. Get. Back. On. Track. Now.



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